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Trying of the Program

If you want to try Membis Software, download complete software (Lite or Pro version) and install it. We do not have demo versions. You can use the software 14 days and after that you have to input the licence key to system.

After the testing period you can print the licence invoice from the program and pay it.

When you have paid the licence fee you can request a licence key from the Comeira´s Customer Service by email.

Complete Softwares (don´t use these packages if you are upgrading)

Lite version 13.0 (8,99 Mb): MembisLite130_Swe.exe

Pro version 13.0 (8,99 Mb): MembisPro130_Swe.exe

Other Programs/Files

Program brochure in Pdf-format (0,36 Mb): MembisBrochure_Swe.pdf

Instructions of network installation (0,16 Mt): NetworkInstall_Swe.pdf

Firebird Database 2.0.5 for Windows (4,31 Mb): Firebird-

Register Cleaner 1.0 (0,43 Mb): Cleaner10.exe

Register Cleaner 2.0 (0,43 Mb): Cleaner20.exe

Register Cleaner 3.0 (0,43 Mb): Cleaner30.exe

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