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Membis Membership Management Software

The price of Lite version is 75 EUR and the price of pro version is 195 EUR. 14 days after the installation the software asks for a licence key which can be obtained via e-mail from Comeira´s Customer Service (if you have paid the licence fee).

Version updates costs 29 EUR/each. We are launching one or two new versions in a year. Customers does not have to buy new version updates but it is prefere because software maintenance is covered by the update fees. We do not have separate maintenance fees like many other softwares usually have.

Membis WebShop Pro

Membis WebShop Pro is a complete web shop solution that uses the same database as Membis Membership Management Software. The start fee of WebShop Pro is 95 EUR which includes:

  • Web Shop installation on the Comeira´s server
  • Setting up connection between Membis database and WebShop Pro

    The maintenance fee of Membis WebShop Pro is 19 EUR per month.

    Please Note: WebShop Pro can be used only if Membis database is installed on the Comeira´s database server. Database server costs 12 EUR per month/workstation. The price includes automatic back up service.

    Please Note: WebShop Pro supports Paytrail and Everyday web payments. If you want to use these web payment methods you have to make a contract with the payment service provider.

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