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  Membis Member Register is a versatile tool for sports clubs and other associations that need to manage their memberships. Membis is easy to use due to the clear graphic user interface.

Software Properties (Pro version):

  • Network client/server database support (multi-user)
  • Multiple clubs / associations supported (associations, teams, divisions, companies etc.)
  • Membership Registry (free grouping, mass mailing function etc.)
  • Client Registry (needed if goods are sold to non-members)
  • Member / Client specific pricing discount / increase, payment terms and currency
  • Sales Order / Offer function with automatic sales invoice generating function
  • Sales Invoices (all currencies supported)
  • Email Invoicing, Membership Invoicing, iPost (eLetters)
  • Program generates automatically reference numbers into the bills
  • Indication invoicing (allows member specific consumptions: water, electricity, etc.)
  • Archive function for old invoices
  • Invoice line specific item units, discounts / increases and VAT
  • Payment Requests with automatically added reminder fee and interest
  • Credit Note function
  • Cash Receipt printing
  • Remissals (with EAN-barcodes if wanted)
  • Organization logo on prints (e.g. offers, invoices, remissals, cash receipts)
  • Accounts Receivable (part payments supported, good reports, etc.)
  • Product Registry (product groups, inventory control, barcodes, margin calculation, etc.)
  • Supplier Registry (assumption information for purchase invoices can be added)
  • Purchase Orders with automatic purchase invoice generating function
  • Purchase Invoices (accept function)
  • Purchase Ledger (part payments supported, good reports, etc.)
  • Trainings / Courses (reporting of member completed courses)
  • Decorations (reporting of member assigned decorations)
  • List of Equipments (for maintaining of organization owned equipments)
  • Reminder function (allows member / customer specific calendar reminders)
  • Create and print membership cards
  • Comprehensive reports (screen preview, paper print, Pdf, Excel and MS Word formats)
  • Easy Back-up function
  • Membis Web Registrations (allows receiving new member registrations via Internet)
  • Membis WebShop Lite or WebShop Pro can be connected to the Membis database

    Membis has hundreds of satisfied users – join them and get your finances organised easily!
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